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RFID enabled Document and Asset tracking solutions
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Docuspace to co-host Rifidi open source RFID Middleware course July 2010.
Docuspace appointed as Certified Solutions Partner RFID for Lexmark International Australia & New Zealand
Free on-line hosted RFID enabled document management - check it out now
Intensecomp releases new UHF RFID Beginners Kit
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Docuspace to co-host Rifidi open source RFID Middleware course July 2010. 15/06/2010

Rifidi Training program: Register your interest.

Docuspace, along with partners Intensecomp and Primari are intending to host a series of Open Source RFID Middleware Courses commencing in Sydney on Monday July 26 this year. The course will be conducted over two days, by the end of which you will be equipped with the knowledge to implement a RFID system, as well as having an in-depth understanding of RFID integration and implementation.

It is envisaged that the course will only cost $1750.00 AUD ex GST for the two days which also includes a 50% discount on 1 Thing Magic Astra Reader (PoE). http://www.thingmagic.com/integrated-readers

The course will be held at Citigate Central Sydney, 169 -179 Thomas Street, Sydney which is close to the CBD, walking distance from Central Railway and a twenty minute drive from the airport. For further details click http://www.mirvachotels.com/citigate-central-sydney

To view a PDF the brochure please click here. Places are strictly limited so book now to reserve your seat.

To register your interest, please send your contact details to training@docuspace.com.au

What is Rifidi?

Rifidi is a complete middleware platform for building all facets of an RFID application. With the industry leading prototyping tools and a cutting edge RFID middleware server, Rifidi can take you from an RFID Idea to a production application. Rifidi makes it possible to do rapid RFID prototyping and production deployments on a high performance, open source platform.

For more information check out http://www.rifidi.org/ and http://www.pramari.com

About the trainer:

Prasith Govin is an experienced entrepreneur and an RFID industry veteran. As Chief Technology Officer of Pramari he brings years of RFID subject matter experience as a consultant and architect to some of the earliest players in the RFID industry that have helped shape RFID technology and standards.

Having participated in several of the earliest EPC implementations and EPC Global Action Groups he is considered a technical leader in the field of RFID. Prasith was also involved as a Subject Matter Expert and Beta Tester for the CompTIA RFID+ Certification Exam - the premier standard for certifying RFID professionals.

Prior to becoming involved in RFID and Pramari, Prasith has held key roles in several software and consulting companies. He was previously CTO of Kinetrix a venture funded startup developing Web Services Software and was also the CTO of Ausfur a wireless and middleware consulting company that he co-founded. Prior to this he has held various senior technical roles in companies such as BEA, IBM, Oracle and CSC and is proud to call himself a Java programmer since it was first released.

To register your interest, please send your details to training@docuspace.com.au

Docuspace appointed as Certified Solutions Partner RFID for Lexmark International Australia & New Zealand 03/06/2008
Today Lexmark announce an industry first. The Lexmark RFID option is the first device on the market to combine RFID capability with laser printing technology, bringing a flexible, affordable alternative to current RFID solutions. The option is designed to complement a customers existing Lexmark T642n or T644n Laser Printer to provide RFID printing support. The Lexmark RFID solution can speed up distribution processes and increase productivity by printing on a wide variety of different types and sizes of media and encoding RFID Class 1 Gen 2 inlays in the one simple process. The Lexmark RFID Solution has applications throughout Retail, Legal, Health, Manufacturing, Logistics & Distribution. The direction for the solution is very positive with US Retail WallMart demanding all pallets be tagged with RFID. US Defence implemented their mandate as of Jan 1st 2007, that all pallets and cases be tagged with RFID.

The true value of the Lexmark solution is that our customers traditional office printers now have the ability to support RFID encoding.

Lexmark T64x printers with the RFID option installed and paired with Lexmark Document Distribution Suite (LDSS), offers an easy solution designed to help meet your demands that are also scalable and deployable across the enterprise. This solution has the added advantage of leveraging the same device for a wide variety of applications beyond RFID tags to help consolidate devices and streamline your processes to improve productivity.

Note: Due to RFID generically being a new technology. The Lexmark RFID option will only be available to Lexmark Global Services engagements and via Lexmark Certified Solutions Partners (CSP's)

Current CSP on RFID:
Docuspace Pty Ltd Docuspace is a local Sydney Systems Integration specialising in RFID Technology and Industry leading Secure Document tracking.

Free on-line hosted RFID enabled document management - check it out now 18/09/2007

DocuTrack3000 is an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) that uses the latest radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to track the movement and location of hard copy documents. This enables organisations to manage, secure and control the distribution of electronic documents over the Internet and hard copy documents via RFID and its all delivered via your web browser.

Depending on your requirements, DocuTrack3000 can be deployed in two ways. Firstly as a remotely hosted online system or secondly, locally hosted within your business.

Clearly for many businesses the remotely hosted solution provides significant benefits because no investment is required for new hardware or software. DocuTrack3000 is available from any desktop that supports a web browser and requires no other software to run.

Many organizations have difficulty in managing their unstructured documents efficiently. Unstructured documents are those that have not been developed by the use of a Content or Forms management system and yet are of fundamental to the integrity and preservation of corporate knowledge. Over 50% of documents are stored in e-mails and on the users' desktops where there is no version control at a corporate level, and a proliferation of multiple copies locally, and more importantly, little or no security. Anyone who has access to the desktop or email client software, can access the documents. Using DocuTrack3000, all of these issues are resolved with our intuitive online step-through document upload and registration process.

In short, DocuTrack3000 is the total document management system. It doesn't require installation on your PC. Just start your browser and use DocuTrack3000 instantly. Visit http://www.docutrack.biz and check out the free version.

Intensecomp releases new UHF RFID Beginners Kit 13/03/2007
Intensecomp continues its effort to bring RFID to the masses by releasing a new product, UHF RFID Beginner's Kit. This kit supports EPC Class 1 Gen2 and major UHF standards for RFID.

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