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RFID enabled Document and Asset tracking solutions
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RFID Application Integration
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As well as supplying out-of-the-box solutions, Docuspace also offers Application Integration services.

Whether you require assistance with integration of our out-of-the-box solutions with your existing systems, build an interface from our product range or make use of our Application Integration services, we can customise a solution for you and integrate it with your exiting systems.

At Docuspace we take a systematic approach to application development, implementation, deployment and integration. We work with you, as your RFID Technology Partner.

At each stage of our interaction with you, we present you with a project plan and proposal for your approval. Once the proposal is ‘signed off’ and project plan agreed, we execute it and then review its outcomes with you. At all stages of the project you know what is happening, what you can expect and what the benefits are. At all phases of our relationship we focus on minimising risk and providing you with excellent service.

For further information please review Application Integration Services, Methodology.

Business Process Improvement

As markets, technology, legislation and communication systems change you have to maintain a competitive edge. Continual review and improvement of your business processes keeps you ahead of the competition. It’s all about finding better ways to do things and not end up on the ‘bleeding edge’.

  • Business Process analysis
All processes in business have inputs and outputs and use resources to add value to products and services. These processes are logically related activities that determine workflow in a structured environment. Analysing these processes and their relationship to customer satisfaction is a fundamental business driver.

  • Business Process re-engineering
Once you’ve identified a gap in your current processes or new technology provides a more cost efficient solution you have the opportunity to remodel the process flow, eliminate redundancy and re-engineer the process. This means changing the way you do things for the better.

Quality Systems Development

Transparency and traceability are key requirements in today’s business environment. Docuspace can assist you in developing your internal systems to the requirements of International and Australian ISO standards.

Document Security Printing Solutions

Docuspace offers a wide range of document security printing solutions to enhance and protect valuable documents, such as legal documents, academic transcripts, certificates, cheques, contracts, quality control documents, licences, warranties, certificates of title, insurance certificates. In fact, all documents that have value or the potential to create value can be the subject of counterfeiting and/or fraudulent alteration.

Today’s easy access to low cost and high quality digital computers, colour copiers and scanners has made it easier for forgers. Whilst there are no guarantees, the right combination of security features inbuilt into any document, makes it difficult to reproduce, copy or alter the documents, whilst making it easy to verify authenticity. Good security features are good insurance for your documents.

Docuspace can advise on the best and most appropriate security features or a variety of complimentary measures best suited to the document you wish to protect. A consultant can help you identify your security requirements and offer the best solution to any problem.
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